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  1. You are so talented! Am so proud you are my “cuz” as well as friend and cousin! Sat on our bench in bright moonlight the other night thinking of you and enjoying a nice glass of Merlot—–

  2. Thank you, Cuz.
    Was taking a moment here to explore and learn a little bit about my website, and I found this unattended comment from you. Technology and social media remain uncomfortable for me, but if I take baby steps, maybe I’ll get the hang of it.
    In the meantime, I guess this is a blog of sorts, right?
    I found a wonderful site on Twitter today, and thought of you. Native American proverbs. Some, I copied and kept. I’ll see if I can attach the name here.
    1. Native Am Proverbs ⊕‏ @NativAmProverbs Dec 12

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