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Pioneer Kate Peters in 1984


Kate Peters, Retired Pioneer in 2019

*Kate, I heard the interview tonight and was greatly impressed.  You do so well on radio and your voice is fluent and lovely.  Now that I’ve missed so much of your writing—I mean the new additions—I truly want the other stories or chapters.  I’m not a computer “gooroo” nor “face book” etc. so simply want a copy or copies of these new additions.
HAPPY NEW YEAR too and my affectionate greetings.  Marie Gene (age 91)
Dear Marie Gene,
Thank you so much for your kind words. All of my books (I write using the pen name Atwood Cutting) are available for sale on Amazon. Most have a “purchase” button on that take you directly to Amazon, where you may purchase both the saga, and the mini-art books. Unfortunately, I also am not a computer guru, so my latest photo books do not have that magic button in place. I need lessons in website-tending, author page-updating and manuscript header-formatting . . . all goals for 2018. Until then, I will hand-deliver you any of my books that you desire. Best wishes to you, Kate Peters

The following radio interview was broadcast on New Years Eve, 2017, and once again on New Years Day 2018. “Culture Zone” is a program featuring arts and cultural events in the Pikes Peak Region. The station, KCME 88.7 FM, is Colorado Springs’ own classical music station, and the host is Keith Simon. In this 14 minute visit, Kate Peters speaks about writing, editing, publishing and publicizing, as well as “seeing the elephant” while pioneering in Alaska.


Retired Pioneer Kate Peters speaks at the Dies Librorum

celebration of books in Salida, Colorado.

Tucked into the Rockies, pressed against historic gold mining sights, one finds several charming old towns. Salida is a town that caters to art-loving patrons from Colorado Springs, and other cities in the Southwest. Lisa Marvel, owner of The Book Haven, is an independent bookseller who does a bang-up job for local bibliophiles by hosting a monthly book signing event at her charming establishment.

Since Atwood is the definition of a recluse, her Kate has assumed the responsibilities of public speaking on behalf of their literary joint venture. Her background in performing arts together with her first-hand knowledge of pioneering, make Kate, now a retired Alaskan pioneer, a natural choice to be the public voice for Sleeping Moose Saga.

So far, Kate has spoken at the Book Haven for their “Dies Librorum” event, at Pikes Peak Library’s “Monday Musings,” and in Manitou Springs with the nationally-acclaimed “Story Project.” She has also been a guest on 88.7 FM, Colorado Springs’ local classical radio station, KCME. Every Sunday and Monday evening, Keith Simon hosts “Culture Zone” where cultural arts of the Pikes Peak area are profiled.






To schedule a school, senior living center, library, or bookstore event with Kate Peters, please contact her and she will try to oblige.