Discussion Questions


Thoughts to discuss after reading

  • Where the Moose Slept
  • TIM AND KATE both felt they had been born “100 years too late.” How do you think they might feel about the technological revolution that defines our 21st century? Have you ever felt that you are living in the wrong time? If you could name a decade, a century, or a millennium and a location that you would feel more comfortable in, when and where would that be? And who would you be in that scenario?
  • Motivations: The quest for utopia, and the writings of Emerson on Self-Reliance. How do these threads show through in Kate’s thoughts and actions? What do you think she is seeking? Why? How do you think Tim’s experiences as an infantry soldier in Vietnam influenced his bravery? Does he believe in himself? Kate entrusts her life to him, believing that he can protect them. Was his mantra, “If anyone can do it, we can,” a good one for the two to embrace? Why? How would you describe their marriage? Do you think they make a good team? • Have you ever dreamed of going to Alaska? If so, what intrigues you about the place? Do you believe the plot would have been significantly different if it had taken place in a different setting, say in a city, or on a remote tropical island? How would the book have been different if it had taken place today, rather than in the pre-silicon chip era? How different might things have been a century earlier?
  • Consider Chapter 8, The Fowl Rode the Foul Road. Do you think men might enjoy this mud adventure more than women? Are there chapters that you think women might prefer? Which ones? Why?
  • Who was your favorite character? Why? Who would you not want to meet or live near? Did the actions of the characters seem plausible? How would this story sound if it was told from the point-of-view of Tim, Neil, Elsie, Frampton, Ruth, or Cliff?
  • How do you think you might have reacted to Frampton Snyder deciding to settle fifty yards from your house? Why? How would you have handled the unwelcome encroachment? Do you expect the moral conflicts presented in this setting of Alaskan wilderness will be pretty much the same as in the cities of the Lower 48? Why or why not?
  • Did any passages strike you as particularly pithy or poetic? What was one of your favorite lines in “Where the Moose Slept?”
  • So far, what emotion has this “nearly true” saga evoked in you? What do you think will happen to the main characters in Part Two? What do you hope will have happened, by the end of the SLEEPING MOOSE SAGA trilogy?
  • How has reading this novel changed you—broadened your perspective? Have you learned something new or been exposed to different ideas about how people cope in an isolated world? Have you ever dreamed of jumping into an adventure like this one, yourself? If you are under the age of forty, would you still like to try living in the woods as a pioneer? Has reading this book inspired you to pursue an unanswered desire to try your own adventure?
  • If you are over the age of fifty, are you glad you read this book, so that you were able to experience the adventure, without all the work and hardship?
  • If Kate and Tim Peters were here, what would you want to ask them?