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This site represents SLEEPING MOOSE SAGA, and photographs by Atwood Cutting. You will also meet Kate Peters, should you so choose.

Kate and her husband, Tim, pioneered in bush Alaska in the 1970s and ’80s, and Atwood has written about those years. If you are between the ages of 16 and 96, and you’ve ever dreamed of living in the woods, please enjoy this glimpse of life in Alaska, before there were cellphones.

Victory Garden in 1988
*Kate, I heard the interview tonight and was greatly impressed.  You do so well on radio and your voice is fluent and lovely.  Now that I’ve missed so much of your writing—I mean the new additions—I truly want the other stories or chapters.  I’m not a computer “gooroo” nor “face book” etc. so simply want a copy or copies of these new additions.
HAPPY NEW YEAR too and my affectionate greetings.  Marie Gene (age 91)
*Dear Marie Gene,
Thank you so much for your kind words. All of my books (written using the pen name Atwood Cutting) are available for sale on Amazon. Most have a “purchase” button on that take you directly to, where you may purchase both the saga, and the mini-art books. Unfortunately, I also am not a computer guru, so my latest photo books do not have that magic button in place. I need lessons in website-tending, author page-updating and manuscript header-formatting . . . all goals for 2018. Until then, I will hand-deliver to you any of my books that you desire. Best wishes in 2018. Kate Peters
*To hear this taped interview, please go to the Public Presentations page on this website.

A modest CD of traditional Christmas carols sung by Atwood is also for sale on Amazon.