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Part Three concludes the saga.


This Sleeping Moose trilogy started as a simple documentation of my own parents’ pioneering experiences in Alaska. I had envisioned writing down several episodes, simply to satisfy all curiosity among any descendants. But by the time I’d finished the first draft, it was obvious that our family’s twelve years on a remote mountaintop had the makings of a real American odyssey adventure.

After this realization, we had a Peters family pow-wow. It was decided that nominal fictionalization would be the best course, since some families might still have descendants living in the old town. My mother stressed a need for kindness and my father insisted upon global anonymity. So, it’s Historical Fiction that one gets here.

My mom and I have been collaborating on this memoir since that meeting at the beginning of the century. Together we’ve culled the family albums and come up with hundreds of photos, each one worth at least a thousand words, and Kate Peters’ stories have been committed to paper for all future generations, not just mine. Sleeping Moose Saga is our contribution to the annals of America’s noble pioneering  narratives. We hope you will be entertained, forewarned, placated, and eventually inspired by our “nearly true” family odyssey. Above all, enjoy!

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